Great museum day in Pittsburgh

by Jenn

My husband works for the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, and I have seen all of those many times. I had never been to the Children's Museum, so we set out on an afternoon to check it out.

First of all, it is downtown, so you are better off taking public transit, rather than driving down and dealing with the traffic. We drove, and decided that if we were to go again, we'd definitely just take the bus.

We don't have children, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. If you don't like children or noise, this isn't the museum for you. We don't mind either, so we had a great afternoon with the hands on exhibits and the interactive art area.

I really liked the Mr. Rogers area. Mr. Rogers was a Pittsburgh native, and exploring this area of the museum really brought back fond memories of my childhood. My husband enjoyed the workshop area, where he got to play with tools. I think he even learned a thing or two.

The Children's Museum is just down the street from the Warhol Museum, so if you'd like to do both in a day, it's an easy walk from one to the other.

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