Hershey Park

Hershey Park is consistently one of the cleanest amusement parks we visit. With lots of greenery and gardens, it is also one of the prettiest. The ride assortment here is excellent with plenty of kiddie and family rides along with moderate, high and aggressive thrill rides to satisfy the biggest adrenaline junkies.

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Rides and Entertainment

Hershey Park Rides

Coaster lovers will be in their glory at Hershey Park with more than 10 coasters of all types - wooden, steel, wet, dry and so on. The newer Boardwalk section of the park is home to Roller Soaker, one of the park's most popular coasters where riders can soak spectators below, but watch out! The spectators can retaliate by turning huge water sprayers on riders.

Insider Tip: Try to ride the coasters and water rides as early as possible as wait times tend to be shorter early in the day.

The Kissing Tower is Hershey Park's signature family ride. The Kissing Tower cabin climbs 250 feet and rotates in a clockwise direction, providing riders a panoramic view of the town of Hershey through windows shaped like Hershey's Kisses. There are an additional 25+ family rides.

There are over 25 kiddie rides at Hershey and they are nicely dispersed among the various areas of the park, making it easy to keep little ones occupied while older siblings ride the more intense rides. Most kiddie rides are suitable for kids under 36 inches, with only a few requiring that they be over 36 inches.

Naturally, rides are the big attraction at Hersheypark, but don't discount the entertainment. We have found that shows at the park's Chevrolet Music Box Theater and Music Box Way are consistently a cut above standard amusement park entertainment. Be sure to consult a park schedule for show times.

Hershey Park Discounts

One complaint about Hershey Park in recent years is the steep admission price. A family of four can easily spend over $200 for admission alone. Throw in $10 or so for parking, a few snack or beverage purchases and you could easily be looking at a $250 day. To help defray some of the cost, look for Hershey Park discounts.

You can purchase Hershey Park discount tickets at participating Giant Food stores. Tickets purchased at Giant will typically save about $11 off of a regular full day admission ticket.

Hershey Park discount coupons are available at a number of participating retailers including:

  • Cabelas - Hamburg, PA
  • Panera Bread - Central PA
  • Taco Bell - Central PA, Phila, Wilkes Barre, New York
  • Quiznos - Central PA, Phila, Wilkes Barre, New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey
  • CVS - Philadelphia, Wilkes Barre, New York, New Jersey

Discount coupons can be redeemed online (each coupon contains a promotional code) or at the Hershey Park main entrance. Discount coupons will typically save you about $8 off the purchase of a regular full day admission.

Insider Tip: Get the most of your admission ticket by staying overnight in Hershey. With Hershey's Preview Plan, you get free admission to Hersheypark 2 1/2 hours prior to park closing (3 1/2 hours on nights when the park closes at 11pm). All single or multi-day tickets (including those bought online, via group sales, Giant, AAA, etc) qualify for this deal. There are Hersheypark lodging options for every budget.

Military discounts are also offered. This discount is available to active duty military, reserves, retired military personnel, and members of the National Guard. Guests must purchase tickets or obtain coupons from their base prior to arriving at Hersheypark.

Other Hersheypark Attractions

Hershey Park Chocolate World No trip to Hershey Park is complete without a stop at Chocolate World! Chocolate World is located just steps from the entrance of Hershey Park. Admission to Chocolate World is free as is the famous chocolate tour which has been a visitor favorite for decades. The fun and informative tour ride tells the story of the cocao bean as it travels from a tropical rain forest and finally arrives at its desination - Hershey, Pennsylvania. Of course, you can't leave the tour without passing through the Marketplace Shops where you can purchase all things chocolate. The Factory Works, Really Big 3D show and Trolley Works are additional attractions within Chocolate World, all charge additional fees. Learn more about Hershey Chocolate World.

If you need a break from the rides but don't want to leave the park, consider spending some time at Zoo America. Same day admission to the zoo is included in your one price park admission as long as you enter the zoo from within the park. Spending some time in the more quiet zoo may be just what an over stimulated child (or adult!) needs before heading back into the ride chaos.

General Tips
  • The park gets extremely crowded on weekends during the summer. Visitors on the weekends often encounter long lines just to get into the parking lot. If possible, try to plan your visit for Monday-Thursday.

  • Food inside the park tends to be pricey and is often mediocre. Consider packing a lunch and utilizing the picnic area just outside of the park. Also, there are a couple quick service restaurants located within a half mile of the park's entrance. We often time our arrival to have an early lunch at one of these restaurants before heading into the park.

  • The park is large and spread out. Strongly consider bringing (or renting) a stroller for little ones.

  • Print out a map of the park before you leave home so you can get familiar with the layout. Hershey Park Map

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