Knoebels Grove Amusement Park
and Knoebels Campground

Family owned and operated since 1926, Knoebels Grove is a hidden gem in central Pennsylvania. The park is generously shaded due to lots of mature trees, making mid-summer visits very pleasant. Don't be surprised to see some four-legged critters walking around since pets are allowed in the park. For those wishing to extend their stay, the Knoebels Campground offers campsites and cabins or find great rates at hotels near Knoebels.

A Great Value

Knoebels Grove coaster

Knobels Grove offers something virtually unheard of at amusements parks these days - FREE parking! Yes, parking is totally free as is the tram that shuttles passengers from the parking lot to the Knobels park for those who prefer not to walk.

Admission to the park is also free which makes it a wonderful choice if you have some non-riders in your group. Visitors are charged per ride with most rides costing between $.75 - $2.25. Kiddie rides are typically $.75 or $1.00. Pay-one-Price hand stamps are available on weekdays in the summer and on select weekends in spring. Generally, the hand stamp is the way to go if you expect to ride about 18 rides or more. The hand stamp eliminates the hassle of having to count out ride tickets each time you want to ride.

Insider Tip: On most days, rides open at 11am (10am and noon on select days), but the Pay-One-Price ticket office opens an hour earlier and lines can get long. To get the most riding time from your visit, be sure to arrive early on Pay-One-Price days so you can have your hand stamp and be ready to ride when the rides open.

Knoebels Grove offers a number of musical and variety shows throughout the day which are free to visitors. We've found that the quality of the shows varies significantly, but even the least entertaining shows offers a chance to take a break from rides and sit for a few minutes.

Rides and Attractions

Knobels kiddie ride Knoebels park provides a nice mix of kiddie rides (about 20 or so ), family rides (17+), and thrill rides (25+). There are definitely enough kiddie rides to keep the 5 and under set busy all day. My daughters particularly enjoy the kiddie bumper cars, kiddie whip and the mini ferris wheel.

Family rides include favorites such as bumper cars, the Grand Carousel, spinning teacups and the Tilt-a-Whirl. When it comes to thrill rides, I find that Knoebels Grove throws some pretty tame rides into this category. For example, they list The Galleon (swinging pirate ship) as a thrill ride, but we find it to be pretty tame. If you like coasters, don't miss Twister and Phoenix - the latter is the park's wooden roller coaster voted among the top 10 in the country.

Skloosh and the Flume are two water rides you'll want to seek out on hot days! Even if you don't want to ride Skloosh, you can get "cooled off" by standing on the bridge and getting soaked by a giant cascading wall of water.

If there are thrill ride fans in your group, they will definitely want to check out Flying Turns which is new for 2010.

Eating at Knoebels Grove

Knoebels has received the Golden Ticket Best Park Food award from Amusement Park Magazine 11 years in a row. We've found the food to be very reasonably priced and of good quality. When we visit, we enjoy eating in the International Food Court where we can select from a variety of cuisines (American, Italian, Mexican) to satisfy everybody in the family. The food court does tend to get crowded at peak meal times, so eating at off-peak times is a good idea if you can make it work. There is also a full service restaurant called The Alamo.

If you are watching your pennies or just prefer to brown bag it, the park offers free use of picnic facilities including pavilions with tables, grills and sinks. Because food prices are so reasonable, we always eat in the park but we usually bring along some beverages so we don't waste valuable ride time in concession lines. We love that Knoebels Grove, unlike so many other amusement parks, actually allows you to bring your own food and beverages into the park.

New for 2011

Opening Day 2001 - Knoebels will open for the 2011 season on Saturday, April 30 at noon!

Flying Turns - Could 2011 be the year that Flying Turns actually opens? This thrill ride is a re-creation of a classic ride popular in the early 20th century. The ride seeks to mimic a bobsled run. It features a train that rides in a trough with just the trough's curved walls guiding it. The train's cars can freewheel within the trough. Knoebels has not given a firm date, but states that they will not open the ride until they are 100% confident in its safety. It's been a few years in the works, but maybe 2011 will be the year?

Black Diamond - Hopefully, this 3 story, dark ride coaster will be open in 2011. It is the steel indoor coaster formerly known as the Golden Nugget at Morey's Piers.

Knoebels Campground

Knoebels Campground Want to extend your stay at Knoebel's Grove? Consider setting up camp at Knoebels Campground. Located adjacent to the park, Knoebels Campground offers tent and camper sites along with cabins for rent. The "Cozy Cabins" sleep up to 6 (single cabin) or 16 (double cabin) and include beds and electricity. Please note that there is no plumbing in the cabins and you must supply your own bedding.

Insider Tip: If you're planning to tent camp, be sure to request a camp site with a platform. That way, you won't have to sleep on the rocky ground or deal with mud should you encounter rain during your stay.

It is very convenient and quick to get from Knoebels Campground to the park. For those sites closest to the park, walking is the best bet, however, there is also a shuttle that runs between the park and the campground.

The trade-off for staying so close to Knoebels Grove is the noise level in Knoebels Campground. This is a very large campground with small sites and it is often crowded during peak times. Sites closest to the park and the large coaster will also hear plenty of park noise.

If you prefer a more quiet setting, Knoebels offers the Lake Glory Campground about 3 miles away from the park. Lake Glory also offers tent and camper sites with full hook-ups. Cabins here are limited to singles (up to 6 people)and just like Knoebels Campground, they offer electric, but no plumbing. The sites tend to be a bit larger here and the overall feeling is less crowded. A shuttle bus runs between Lake Glory Campground and Knoebels Grove at regular intervals.

Hotels Near Knoebels

If camping isn't your thing, then consider staying at one of the hotels near Knoebels. While there are no hotels right at the park, there are several options about 10 miles away in the town of Danville. Here are a few to consider. Just click on the links to find the best rates at these Knoebels hotels.

Knoebels Hotel Quality Inn & Suites Danville
15 Valley West Road
Danville, PA 17821

This is where we stayed on our last trip to Knoebels. We were looking for a clean, family-friendly, reasonably priced hotel for an overnight stay and the Quality Inn Danville fit the bill. The hotel is a 15 minute drive from Knoebels Amusement Park. There are several nice conveniences for families including an outdoor pool and the on-site Country Kitchen Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Check Rates at this Knoebels Hotel

Hotels near Knoebels Best Western Danville
79 Old Valley School Rd.
Danville, PA 17821

The Best Western, Danville is one of the newest hotels in the area. The heated indoor swimming pool is a great way to keep the kids entertained if you encounter rain on your trip to Knoebels. A complimentary hot breakfast is served each morning. The hotel features and exercise room and free wireless internet access.

Check Rates at this Hotel Near Knoebels

Knoebels lodging Hampton Inn Danville
97 Old Valley School Road
Danville, PA 17821

The Hampton Inn, Danville features a very nice indoor swimming pool - something parents can appreciate when there is still some energy to be burned off after a trip to Knoebels. Rooms here are equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave and coffeemaker. A complimentary hot breakfast is served each day. There is also an exercise room.

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When planning your trip, be sure to check out the Knoebels Grove Calendar for operating hours and special events.

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