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Located in Langhorne, PA (30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, Sesame Place PA is the nation's only theme park based entirely on Sesame Street. It is the place to see the characters from "The Street" including Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang.

The rides and attractions at Sesame Street Place are geared to kids ages 2 to 7. Older tweens and teens would probably rather clean their rooms than spend a day here!

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Rides and Attractions

Sesame Place
The park features 17 dry attractions and 10 water attractions, including the newest - a multi-level interactive water attraction named "The Count's Splash Castle". Along with passive rides like the carousel and balloon race, there are plenty of active attractions that get kids moving. Nets n Climbs is 3 stories of cargo netting and tunnels that will have kids crawling and discovering. Ernie's Bed Bounce is the perfect place for kids to bounce off their excess energy.

Sesame Street Place Parade

Of course, seeing the familiar characters of Sesame Street is one of the highlights of coming here. Stop by 123 Smile With Me where you can usually find at least one character and sometimes more. Also, most children love the various shows that feature "The Street"s" most popular characters. The shows also provide a chance for kids (and adults!) to sit and take a break from the rides. The "Rock Around the Block Parade" is a highlight that takes place in the center of the park. Check the schedule for times and line up early if you want to secure a choice viewing spot or one of the few shaded spots.

Insider Tip: Ride lines tend to drop significantly during the parade. If you don't care to watch the parade, take advantage of the shorter lines at popular and/or slow loading rides like Blast Off and Vapor Trail.

What's New in 2011

Here is the scoop on what's new at Sesame Place in 2011.

  • Sesame Place 2011 opening day is Saturday, April 30th!

  • There's a new parade in town! Featuring 11 giant floats, the Neighborhood Street Party parade debuts on April 30th, 2011 at 2pm. Elmo, Big Bird, Rosita and all the other Sesame Street favorites dance and sing at festive neighborhood block party.

  • There's a new ride in Elmo's Place. Elmo's Cloud Chaser is a new family ride that promises to lift riders "up to the sky".

  • Two for one admission is back. After a brief hiatus, Sesame Place is once again offering 2 days admission for the price of 1 day. The second day can be used anytime during the regular 2011 season, but why make it a two-day trip and stay overnight at a Sesame Place Hotel


Sesame Place PA offers several character dining options including lunch or dinner with Big Bird and friends, breakfast with Elmo or Cookie Monster and many more. All character meals are typically served buffet style. It's important to realize that the main draw is the characters themselves. In other words, don't expect gourmet food and ambience! Character meals fill up fast so be sure to book early.

There are also food stands throughout the park where standards such as pizza, salads, ice cream, drinks etc. can be purchased. Food stand lines can be long during peak meal times. Eating off-peak is generally your best bet if you can manage it. Sesame Place does not allow food to be brought into the park (with exceptions for bottles, formula, etc.), but there are two picnic areas outside of the park that can be used if you prefer to bring your own food.

Sesame Place Coupons and Tickets

Hanging with Elmo and the gang is not cheap. One-day admission is currently over $50 for anyone over age 2. Seniors and AAA members (who present their cards at the park) get a slight break on admission prices, but there is no children's discount and no discount for non-riders. Children under age 2 are admitted free. Sesame Place Coupons can often be found at Burger King, Wendy's, and CVS drugstores.

Other Information

Insider Tip: If you encounter rain on your trip, be sure to inquire about the Sesame Place PA Sunny Day Guarantee - If it rains continuously on the day of your visit for an hour or more, Sesame Place will give you a free ticket to come back to the park another day during the current operating season. Some restrictions apply.

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Sesame Place PA park features and operational policies subject to change. Please verify features directly with Sesame Street Place.